The Easy 3 Step Method to Reducing Stress and Anxiety


FREE 3-Part Video Workshop 

  • Increase your inner peace by learning to reduce everyday stressors. 
  • Get tools you can use IMMEDIATELY that will make a dramatic difference in the way you experience your feelings of fear, stress, and anxiety.
  • Recover your personal power as you learn to cope with change, self nurture and plan for the future.
  • Build resilience, confidence and become the person you love!

Overview of Each Training...

Video 1 - 7 Game Changing Tactics to Eliminate Stress

Jumps right in to give you tools you can use IMMEDIATELY that will make a dramatic difference in the way you experience your feelings of fear, stress, and anxiety. 

Video 2 - Hidden Mindsets That Sabotage Self-Confidence

As you watch this video, you’ll discover why loving yourself matters when reducing stress and anxiety. We cover how to break negative self-talk along with steps to help build self-confidence including how to stop comparing yourself to others and how to build a positive self-image.

Video 3 - Hot Time Habit Secrets That Limit Stress & Anxiety

Much of your stress could be coming from habits that squander time and leave you feeling overwhelmed and anxious. Learn simple secrets to help to get more organized, shrink your to do list, and decrease your stress. 

Join Me For This FREE 3- Part Video Series!

I will help you finally...


Face future challenges with greater confidence and ease.


Build a tool belt of tips and techniques for reducing stress, worry and anxiety.


Learn to stop people pleasing and how to say no while loving yourself and putting you first.


Build strategies for change, manage your time and learn how to let go.

In Case We Haven't Met Yet... 

Hi, I'm Dee

I have been a certified clinical hypnotherapist, spiritual counselor, speaker and success coach for over a decade. As a result of working with me, hundreds of people that felt stuck, struggled with anxiety, or lacked confidence have transformed their lives. They've reached their goals in a fraction of the time it would have taken them to achieve on their own. They now live with increased self-awareness and higher self-esteem. They have a full tool belt of techniques to keep them calm on their journey to their goals. They have a sense of purpose and personal fulfillment.

I know intimately the obstacles that bring stress, anxiety and depression. I've been challenged by being the 9th of 13 siblings, overcoming breast cancer, raising a daughter with autism in a blended family, being married to a frequently deployed U.S. Marine while I served as a U.S. Naval officer. I've proven I have what it takes to bounce back from overwhelming stress, fear and anxiety. I now use that knowledge and skill to teach success principles that help others achieve their dreams without the pitfalls of stress and anxiety.

How It Works

To keep your stress level down, we've made this program simple for you. This is how it works...


Once you sign up, you will have immediate access to the workshop introduction video, and module #1. I will also email the links to all the videos as they are released.


You will receive a 30 + page PDF workbook that is the perfect companion to the video series. It is packed with hands on exercises to get started on immediately to help change your life.


Go through all of the videos, do the suggested exercises in the workbook, then redo the self assessments. Repeat as many times as needed. Print out your favorite tools to keep handy.

Tired of Being Trapped by Stress And Anxiety?

Stress and anxiety becomes a problem when it is persistent and controls what you feel and limits what you  you can do. Anxiety that leads to excessive amounts of fear and worry can trigger a cascade of physical and emotional responses  that may overwhelm you, make you feel trapped, or prevent you from being able to function.  It's time you learn new tools to break the cycle and reclaim your life. 

What Others Are Saying ...

I really learned from the tips in video six where Coach Dee talks about self-love and how you feel about yourself has everything to do with your stress and anxiety. I’m changing that now that I have these great tools."

Deborah Swanson

Flight attendant

“I feel like I had PTSD from the pandemic and the riots. This workshop is exactly what I needed to get my balance back and deal with what's going on around me. I taught the breathing technique to my teenage son and his anxiety is gone! "

Mary Ann Smith

Clerk- State of IL

“ I have a stressful job supporting many different personalities at my firm. I needed solutions to the pressure I felt each day that wasn't medication. This workshop has helped me tremedously. I'm grateful for the new tools. ”

Cassandra Valdez

Legal assistant

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